Indicators of Spiritual Maturity-Part 13

Oddly, there are two words that intimidate many Christians. One is "theology" and the other is "doctrine." I believe that somehow the enemy has instilled in too many minds that these are difficult areas to deal with unless you are very learned and/or you are going to be a preacher. If you consider these areas are beyond your capacity, you have 'bought into" his deception. The fact is that theology is the study of God and doctrines are teachings. Could there be anything that a maturing Christian needs to pursue more than the study of God and the teachings of His Word? Without this kind of grounding, we are vulnerable to "every wind of doctrine"  ( See Ephesians 4:14). Many (at least, professing) Christians and possibly some genuine ones have become victims of cults and/or college teachers (sceptics) who pride themselves on their supposed knowledge that rules God out of their foolish thinking (See Romans 1:22). These teachers are spiritually blind. Our only insurance against being blindfolded, Spiritually, by them, is to know God through Jesus in a vital personal relationship and to be deeply into the truths of the Bible. (Go back in these articles for a basic overview of major doctrines). Selah! It is deeply satisfying and builds a strong faith to be deeply involved in the study of theology and doctrines directly from the Bible, using good aids such as a concordance, good Bible Dictionary, and reliable commentary or commentaries.   Ron

"Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, in all wisdom.." (From Colossians 3:16)

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