Indicators of Spiritual Maturity-Part 11

We tend to extremes which, by the way, Satan uses to his advantage. One extreme is to read only the Word of God and nothing else. The upside of that is that we would gain a lot from listening to God. The downside is that we might be out of touch with our mission field. The point is that as we listen to God, we find that He wants us to function in our mission field. What would happen to a missionary going to, let us say, Africa, if he or she knew nothing about Africa? Suppose they had no knowledge of the culture or the people. Imagine that they didn't know how they should behave in front of their observers. How likely would it be that they would succeed in their assignment? This is where reading comes in, for us. Reading (the right kind) can help us dig more deeply into our Bibles.  Good books explain what some of God's people, who have gone ahead of us, Spiritually, have learned and wanted to share with us in their books,etc. (If you don't know where to start, may I suggest the list of books on the left of this article). The other extreme, which is very dangerous, is to read books instead of reading the Bible. Always keep the Bible "Number One" and then good books, etc. in a supportive and serving role.  Selah! The most mature Christians that I know or know about majored on the Bible and used good books to Spiritual advantage.    Ron

Paul, in prison, wrote in his letter to Timothy these requests: "The cloak,….when thou comest, bring with thee, and the books, but especially the parchments." (From II Timothy 4:13) Was he not requesting, above all, the Word of God? Yes, but also the books.

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