Two-Legged Or Three-Legged Stool?

If you try to stand on a two-legged stool, you will fall. The same could be said of those who sit under the Word. They may be unstable in their lives, if our preaching and teaching of the Word of God only has two supports. Let me elaborate. I want to mention three supports that are essential to all preaching and most, if not all, teaching. 1). Information. Solid and sound information from the Bible. This must not be dispensed in a "dry as dust" way. That would be an injustice to God's Word, to treat it that way. Let the passion of God's Truth be felt! 2). Illustration. Stories, experiences, observations, events, examples, and parables from real life are to our sermons, like windows are to a house. They let in light (understanding). However, don't build your homitetical house only of glass. 3). Application. This is the third leg which gives us solid footing, spiritually. This is one leg that is too often missing from the messages with which God has entrusted us. When I hear the Word, I am not content to only be "informed" (as important as that is). What am I to do and/or be? How am I to change and/or improve? What sin(s) need(s) to be confessed and forsaken? What is God expecting from me? Information without application may result in petrification! Selah! If I leave my people without this third leg, I may contribute to their downfall. If some leave the sevice with the comment: "That was interesting." that may be a clue that we have failed to add the last leg to our preaching stool.   Ron

When Saul (Paul) was struck down with, and blinded by, a dazzling light on the road to Damascus and then confronted by the Living Jesus, he was convicted, broken, and repentant. His response was: "Lord, what wilt Thou have me to do?" (From Acts 9:6)


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