Is Evangelicalism Able To Be Restored?

Some would take issue with the implications of our title. It is indeed true that there are still ministries, schools, and churches, within Evangelicalism which are still vibrant and Spiritually healthy. Thank God for these! However, Spiritually discerning observers can see the disturbing trends and some have expressed their concerns publicly. Only God knows the future of the movement. However, some of us believe there is the possibility of a return to basics. How could this be done? Fervent prayer, first and foremost. Next to that, true disciples could, by personal example, lead the way back. They could practice the basics and encourage those in their sphere of influence to do the same. These would include standing for and defending the absolute inerrancy of God's Word, developing a rich devotional life, a restoration of mid-week prayer meetings. ( We need prayer meetings that are alive. A good source of help is Bible Prayer Fellowship ). These basics would also include a call for solid Bible teaching and preaching, holiness of life, evangelism, reading books by and about men and women that God has used, faithfulness in serving in and attending the local church, resisting graciously but firmly any attempts to rely on fleshly programs rather than on the Spirit of God, using music that honors and exalts the Lord, instead of exciting the body. (Don't allow the music to eclipse the message). Holy emotions are fine but what stirs the body more than it does the heart leaves us more carnal and less consecrated. These are some things that could stem the tide. Selah! Living out what I have shared might, or might not, turn the movement around but it would be life changing for many Christians today!    Ron

"…your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the Power of God." (From I Corinthians 2:5).

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