Are You Carrying Out Your Mission?

Verse 3 of II Timothy, Chapter 2 reminds disciples that we are also soldiers. A soldier is one who must be disciplined. It is essential to his mission that he be disciplined. God admonishes discipline of children, done properly, and He also wisely disciplines His children. God's Spirit, using God's Word, will discipline God's soldiers. Verses1-2 of the same chapter tell us our mission as soldiers. Let's explore some of the implications of our mission. First, we must study constantly our Soldiers' Manual (i.e; the Bible). This is where our discipline begins and shows us how it is to be developed, day by day. Secondly, our theater of operations, our "mission" field, until God assigns or re-assigns us elsewhere, is right where we are, (unless it is contrary to the instructions in our manual). Thirdly, our uniforms and weapons and their use are outlined in Ephesians 6 of our manual. The enemy is all around us, not to mention the strongholds that he has established within us. We need to bring down those strongholds. (See II Corinthians 10, in the manual). We need to capture as many of the enemy as we can, but not by force. When we bring our manual to bear on our enemies, energized by our Commander-in-Chief, many can be won over and be "bound to Him eternally by love's strong cords." No true disciple wants to be AWOL! Selah! Keep in mind that your conduct as a soldier can influence the enemy negatively or positively. If positive, he may defect to the winning side. Wouldn't that be something?!     Ron 

"Fight the good fight of faith,.." (From I Timothy 6:12).

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