An Imaginary Conversation With A Point

Imagine a conversation within the Godhead. It begins with the plan to create man. A discussion follows and it is determined to give the first man and woman a test to see if, of their own free will, they will obey God or do their own thing. Knowing that they would fail, a salvage operation is provided for, but what infinite cost it would require to accomplish! The death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus! He came and provided the way of salvation. He went through infinite suffering and died in an excruciatingly painful way. Now the conversation continues, "If a human being will agree to the truth of Jesus' sacrifice and resurrection, he or she will be O.K. forever. It would be nice, if they learned to obey us now. However, that's optional. If they will accept the facts, their behavior can continue as it always has or they can live right, if they want to do so." Ridiculous!! Of course it is! Yet, isn't this a fair assessment of the implications of many of our evangelistic appeals today? Believe the facts and your "in." We'll worry about the rest, later. Why are we afraid to point out that the faith that God is calling for demands a surrender of our wills and lives to His control? Could it be because, if we do point this out, we'll scare people off from being saved? Jesus wasn't afraid to lose a potential convert, if that person wasn't serious about his or her need. Is it just possible that the carnal activity in many of our churches is found in the lives of those who were only mentally converted, not Spiritually reborn? Selah! Consider the shock when a person stands before God and finds out that they only thought they were saved! Let's tell them the whole truth!     Ron

"Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith;.."  (II Corinthians 13:5)

How should the offer of salvation be made?  Stop by tomorrow.



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