The Danger Of “Watered Down” Evangelism

No true minister of the Gospel would be apt to intentionally "water down" the way of salvation. That, however, doesn't stop the enemy of our souls from "pulling the wool over the eyes" of some well-intentioned and sincerely motivated preachers. In a desire to see souls saved or to see visible results, in terms of people being converted, could any of us have made the mistake of making the offer of salvation too simple? As pointed out in previous articles, it is not enough to just mentally agree with the facts of the Gospel. Conversion is a result of our responding to the Holy Spirit's conviction of our sinfulness and opening our hearts and lives, not just our minds, to the Savior. Any teaching that we can be saved without our lives, values, attitudes, and behavior being changed by the Holy Spirit's working through the Word of God may produce a false assurance of security in some people's minds. Make no mistake, gradually or sometimes suddenly, there will be change. There certainly can be and often is a crisis initial experience. There has to be, one way or another, a moment in time when one turns to Jesus and experiences Him as Savior and at that moment begins coming to terms with His Lordship. Some will yield to His Lordship rapidly, others more slowly, but yield all true converts will do! Good works (holiness of heart and life) are the inevitable outcome of a true work of grace in a human being's life. Selah! When we invite people to "come to Christ," failure to make sure that they understand that they are surrendering their lives to Him and trusting Him for salvation is short of being completely honest.   Ron

"…for with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made (acknowledging that Jesus is our Savior) unto (giving evidence of the reality of our) salvation" (Romans 10:10).


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