How Do You Feel?

"Feel" is a very misused word. When we stop and think about it, it really means to touch something or run your hand(s) over it to see how it feels. It is often used now to refer to our emotional state (i.e; good feelings like joy or bad feelings like sorrow). It doesn't require much thought to realize that these kinds of "feelings" can change rapidly. We also know that bad "feelings" can have a paralyzing effect on our ability to function. We warned back along that basing our faith or lack thereof on our "feelings" instead of on the facts of God's Word can result in instability in our Christian life. Should we conclude from this that we need to be without "feelings?" Are we to work at becoming a fact machine? (Machines do not have "feelings"). By no means!  Healthy emotions are the result of believing, obeying, and applying the facts of God's Word. Example: "…joy shall be in Heaven over one sinner that repenteth,.." (From Luke 15:7). Repentance is based on a knowledge of what God says about our sins and a realization that our sinfulness has offended a Holy God and we are convicted of our need to repent and we make a decision to believe God and to change, depending on Him to help us do that. Out of this comes joy, not only in Heaven but in our inner being also.  Holy behavior in our Christian life produces healthy emotions. To put it another way, the Holy Spirit brings us to the truths of Scripture and when we obey and apply these truths, we begin to see Him produce the fruit of the Spirit in us which includes among other things, joy. Selah! When we act on the basis of God's Word, as we would on the basis of a legal contract, the blessings guaranteed in His Word become a thrilling reality and fill us with joy and peace.  Ron

"For the kingdom of God is…righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost." (From Romans 14:17)

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