“Once Upon A Time….”

There appears to be a permeating lethargy in the church today. We move slowly along, as if we are in a daze. There is a missing excitement in many lives. Could this be, in part, because the reality of Jesus and the wonder of salvation haven't really gripped us? Have we been the victims of too much familiarity? We have heard the old, old story so often presented as facts to be accepted that we have responded to that thrilling message as if it were only a fairy tale to be listened to, instead of a dynamic experience to be lived. "Once upon a time…" A long time ago, far away, a nice story, not real, of course.  "…and they lived happily ever after."  Now, enough of that, we have to get busy in the real world!  Have we only allowed this amazing life-transforming gift to charm us and inform us but not revolutionize our lives and change us radically? Those who have caught the "wonder of it all" will have something that is contagious, something that others can catch. Are you content to only store facts away in the back of your mind, or are you ready to move into a depth of relationship with Him unlike anything you have ever had up to this point? Let me urge you to make a commitment to seek that kind of relationship as the number one priority in your life!   Selah! What is anywhere near as important as knowing Him, in a real and deeply personal way?    Ron

"…for to me to live is Christ,…." (From Philippians 1:21)  Is it?

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