Three Key Questions For A Disciple To Answer

I want to focus on three thought provoking questions for a disciple to ask himself or herself.

1). Am I excited about and thrilled with the Lord? Whatever we really enjoy and/or invest a lot of our time in will result in our expressing our excitement to others. Example: For most, if their favorite sports team wins, they will make sure that others will know about it.

2). Do I really love the Lord? Doing something for someone we love is not a drag but a pleasure. It's not hard to extol the qualities of someone we love. We also want to learn all about the person we love. Example: A young man will willingly do for a girl that he is "taken with," things that his mother has been trying to persuade him to do for years.

3). Objectively evaluating my Spiritual progress, is there discernable growth? Too many Christians assume that if they are doing their duty and/or have nice "feelings" that they are growing Spiritually. What evidence is there of growth?  Example: Analyzing your heart,  can you clearly discern greater love for the Lord.  Can you see an intensifying interest in the Bible. Can you point to increasing desire and determination to obey him. Do you discover a longing for a holy life and are you motivated to maintain a Godly lifestyle. Are things of the world are losing their grip on you?

Selah! Regarding example three, are we further along in these areas than last year at this time?      Ron

"…whatever you do, do all to the glory of God." (From I Corinthians 10:31)

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