Smart Monkeys

Two monkeys (Nick and Mick) sat on the limb of a big tree. Nick looked at his friend and said: "Can you imagine anything as ridiculous as what I was told in monkey school today?"  "What did they tell you?" Mick replied. "They said that some few billion years ago some blob came into existence or maybe just some cell appeared and kept changing until it became one of those "man" things and….brace yourself…it finally appeared as one of us!!" "They are teaching that we came from a man? Nick, you must be trying to pull my leg." "No, I'm serious, Mick!"  "Nick, what started this blob or cell?"  "You won't believe this, Mick. They said it started from "nothing." "Nick, "something" doesn't come from "nothing."  "Mick, I know this and you know it but don't we have to believe some well-educated scientists who claim that it is true?" "Nick, I'm thinking that these scientists have a colossal imagination. However, I am going with common sense. 'Nothing' can't do 'something' or 'anything' because 'nothing' isn't!" "Mick, I think you are right. We monkeys are just sensible enough to know that it takes "something" (or Someone) to make "something" or "anything." "Nick, these scientists are going to be some surprised and shocked when they meet the Creator!"  Selah! This is, of course, tongue-in-cheek. God informs us in His Word that wisdom without God at the center is foolishness.     Ron
"In the beginning, God created…." (From Genesis 1:1)

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