Finding Freedom From The Focus On Feelings-Part 5

As we conclude this theme today, I would be quite a bit less than candid if I didn't admit that I struggle with what I am discussing today. Knowing how essential certain disciplines are doesn't mean that we just master them without much effort and without considerable help from God. I mentioned in some back articles (you might want to scroll back) that there is a strong resistance and an abundant supply of excuses from our adversary, to hinder our faithful practise of these disciplines. I'm speaking of prayer, Bible study and meditation, regular assembling with the Church, and finding some way(s) to witness to others about our Savior. I can say, that by (and only by) the Grace of God, there has been progress. I'd like to share some insights that I pray that God will use to help you, if you struggle. First, I started way back by determining that I would at least do "Our Daily Bread" (free from RBC Ministries) no matter what else didn't get done. Next, I kept adding more and more to that. I've found that 3-6 chapters from the Bible each day allows me to read the Bible through, once or twice a year. I further discovered that the more I used books by others on how they kept at it and the blessings they enjoyed as they perservered, that I was encouraged to keep at it. I went on to discover that regardless of "feelings" (we don't always "feel" like spending quality time with the Lord) that because we love Him, we do it anyway. Lastly, I have learned that I can't allow the times that I haven't been faithful to discourage me into giving up. Selah! In each of these disciplines, keep working at being faithful, don't give in to discouragement, learn to love God, depend on Him, and He will bless you! How many times do you try again? As many times as you fail plus one!   Ron

Remind yourself that "I can do all things (that He instructs me to do) through Christ, Who strengtheneth me."   (Philippians 4:13)

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