Finding Freedom From The Focus On Feelings-Part 2

 "I feel" that if I marry him or her that I can win him or her to Jesus. I "feel" that God understands that I can't help my anger. I don't "feel" like praying. I "feel" that studying the Bible is impossible to do very often, because of my responsibilities. I have a "feeling" that I would be, or cause someone to be, embarrassed if I tried to share my faith with them. I "feel" that I don't have the ability to do some ministry that God is asking me to undertake. I "feel" like I'm supposed to counsel this woman alone. After all, I "feel" that anyone who knows me, knows that I am trustworthy. I "feel" that I can go to this secular school and I am strong enough that they won't undermine my faith. All of these "feelings" are in conflict with some teaching of Scripture. We are born with this tendency to trust our "feelings." Our first thought should be: what does the Bible say? Until we start with God-given principles instead of our "feelings," we will never develop into mature effective believers. Our "feelings" will get us into trouble unless they are the outflow of having yielded to God's will. "Feelings" are not reliable, if they are what moves us. Rich "feelings" are generated by submission to His commands and principles. Selah! The hallmark of a true disciple is his or her determination to find out what saith the Lord and do it with dependence on and trust in HIm.    Ron

"And thine ears shall hear a (W)ord behind thee, saying, This is the way, walk ye in it…" (From Isaiah 30:21).

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