Finding Freedom From The Focus On Feelings-Part 1

Once upon a time, a long time ago, a woman in a beautiful garden, and a tempter hard at work set the stage for a disaster. It all began with a subtle suggestion: "..your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods" [God] (From Genesis 3:5).  So said the tempter. His strategy has proven effective ever since. First, he turned the attention of the woman to the tree and the fruit (the lust of the eyes). Then the desire for the intriguing fruit (the lust of the flesh). Next, he mentioned the "opportunity" (a lie) for knowing as God knows and being as God is (the pride of life). She bought the lie and persuaded her husband to go along with her in this act of self will. He knew better but agreed. The human race became infected, as the consequence of rebellion to God's explicit command, with the poison of sin. Prior to that moment of disobedience, God's commands were obeyed. Our first parents started out going by God's guidelines ("principles"). Today, people's first response, most of the time, is to be guided by feelings. Christians often do the same, until the redemptive power of ever increasing exposure to the Scriptures moves us toward going by what God says, instead of by how we feel about any matter.  A disciple will learn to determine what God's principles are for any given situation and act accordingly, rather than going by "I feel that…" When we obey God, good feelings usually follow. When we start with going by our feelings, instability and guilt will characterize our lives. Selah! Learning to go by what God says and not by what we "feel" will bring peace and satisfaction to our lives.  Ron    (More tomorrow, Lord willing).

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