Thinking Ahead!

It is very important to think ahead. If God grants us time, how do we plan to use that time? Waste it or invest it? The choice is ours! If we only wait for time to pass and do not make plans to redeem the time, we will waste precious time that can never be recovered. Even our recreational and relaxational time needs to be planned or it will pre-empt time that could have been wisely used. It is vital that we look back, as we approach a new year. How did we use 8,760 minutes? I'm not suggesting a minute examination of all those minutes. I am suggesting a need to discern patterns of time use. Where did we waste time? How can we profit from our analysis? How can we make good use of our time, starting now? What are our plans, God willing, for this coming year? Perhaps the hardest look needs to be taken in relation to our Spiritual priorities. Is God first? If not, we will squander time. We are furnished with an astonishing list of reasons why we can't take time for our devotional life, right now. A disciple must be on guard against this subtle danger. He or she must exercise cast-iron determination not to be deflected from the most important use of our God-granted time. When we are side-tracked from this (and we likely will be), we can't give up or be overcome by discouragement, but with God's help, we must renew our determination each time we fail, until we, with His help, master this discipline. Selah! What do you suppose 2009 might be like, if our Lord tarries, should you really make your quiet time an appointment that will be kept? What joy might it bring to our God and what blessings might issue out of that time alone with Him?   Ron

"In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths." Proverbs 3:6

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