Examining Ephesians-Part 44-Who Is Running Things?

Hard on the heels of the command to be wise in understanding the Will of God, we come to a whole section on the most important part of knowing that will. Among other things, we are to be filled with, led by, walk in, and be praying always, in the Spirit. What follows in the rest of Chapter 5 (of Ephesians) all the way through to 6:9 is an array of indications that we are filled. Let's begin at 5:18 where Paul, sharing what God inspired him to write, commands them and us to "…be not drunk with wine, in which is excess,…" Do not succumb to the controlling influence of intoxication. (Later on, God willing, I will do some writing on no use of alcoholic beverages. If we never take the first drink, we will never be an alcoholic!) We are, however, to be being "…filled with the Spirit,…" We are to constantly yield to His control and follow His leading. We are to be clean channels through which His power can flow to show others their need of Jesus as Savior and Lord of their lives. Let me state a truth not often realized by many believers today. Once we are born again, being filled (i.e; being saturated with) the truths of the Bible, with a determination to apply and obey its directions and depending on the Holy Spirit's aid to help us do that, this is basically the same as being filled with the Holy Spirit. Selah! Can you imagine the joy and blessing of being indwelt and filled with the Presence of Jesus, in the Person of the Holy Spirit? Have you considered the wonder of His purifying and sanctifying activity in your daily walk, in your life's journey?      Ron

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