Examining Ephesians-Part 16-The Rift Has Been Healed!

We learned yesterday, in Ephesians, Chapter 2, that those (mostly Gentiles) spoken of in Verses 1-10 are the ones brought close to God. In Verses 11-13, God, through Paul, explains that, in Christ Jesus, Gentiles are brought near to God. Continuing, in Verses 14-18, Paul says, in Verse 14, that Christ, "hath broken down the middle wall of partition between us" (i.e; Jew and Gentile). The prejudice is dissolved in the Church, when Christians are compliant with the Holy Spirit's teaching. We are told, in this same verse, that "He is our (Jew and Gentile) peace, who hath made both one." We learn how in Verse 15. Jesus, "abolished in His flesh (i.e; His human body) the enmity". This enmity is: "the law of commandments contained in ordinances,..". All of  the Law's demands were satisfied in His atoning death on the Cross. The Law was (and is today) our schoolmaster to bring us to Christ. ( See Galatians 3:24 ) The Law was given to Israel but is now superseded by " law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus" so that now "the righteousness of the Law is fulfilled in us, who walk…. after the Spirit" (See Romans 8:2, 4). With the Mosaic Law abolished, the Jews share the new Law (mentioned above) with the Gentiles, when both embrace the peace that Jesus made on the Cross ( Chapter 2, Verse 16 ). Verse 16 goes on to say why he did all of this. It was "to reconcile both unto God in one Body" (i.e; the Church, His Spiritual Body). Verses17-18 remind us that Jesus "came and preached peace to" both those who were close and those far off. Verse 18 also tells us that we both "have access…unto the Father.." "by one Spirit". All this through Jesus and what His Sacrifice accomplished! Selah! In the Church, His Body, how wonderful it is to our hearts and minds that we are simply "Christians", if we have taken Him as Savior and Lord!   Ron

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