Examining Ephesians-Part 14-Only God Could Do It!

Note: Sorry to be late posting today.

Verse 11, of Ephesians 2, opens up a truly remarkable work of God. Something new has shown up on the horizon of our thoughts. A whole new entity has been created! Israel (speaking nationally) has been put on hold since her rejection of Jesus as her Messiah. This new entity, referred to as a "body", is the Church. This is the people described in Verses 1-10 who were "dead in trespasses and sins;". Now, as we will discover, all who come to Christ in genuine saving faith, Jews and Gentiles alike, have their Spiritual identity changed. Nationally, ethnically, they remain Jew or Gentile. Spiritually, they are neither. They are now "Christians" (i.e; the Church). They are "the one new man" of Verse 15. In the Church, His (Jesus') Body, there should not be labels such as Jewish Christian or Gentile Christian but rather just "Christian". He is the head of this "Body". Let's focus and center on Him, not on our national heritage. This Church was begun on the Day of Pentecost and will reach its' completion at the Rapture. Then God will resume His dealings with Israel as a nation. The nations have a place in all of God's planning. However, the creation of the Church is a special, parenthetical ( i.e; between Israel's 69th and 70ieth "week" [See Daniel 9:24] ) work of God. We will deal with this new creation, more directly from the Word, over the next two or three days, Lord willing.  Selah!  Invest time and prayerful thought in these great prophetic truths. It will reward you richly! We, who are His, are a very significant signal that God is right on schedule.  Ron

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