Look At The Upside!

We have spent a couple of days considering folk who have gotten away from God and/or those who might not know Him at all, some of whom might assume that they do. Today, I want to take a different approach. Let's look at serious Christians. Jesus, remember, came to give abundant life. Serious Christians will enjoy abundance in regular, trusting, fellowship with God, through our Lord Jesus Christ. They will have God's directions for living, found in His Word. They will relish His Presence in and control of their lives. They will be taught and corrected, when necessary. They will enjoy His provision but will also trust Him when that provision is withheld for a reason. They will have peace of heart and mind, even in the most difficult trials. They will thrill to new discoveries of Truth from God's Word and marvel that new Truths are constantly being discerned, even after years and years of careful study. They will derive great joy in giving, knowing that their tithes and offerings, given cheerfully, willingly, and prayerfully, are actually used to reap eternal results. They will enjoy comfort from God's love. They will experiece intimacy with Almighty God. They will develop rich friendships with serious Christians. They will exult in worship and excitedly anticipate assembling with God's people. They will be engaged in sharing Him with others. They will have a world missionary vision. They will rest in the blessed assurance of eternal security. All of this is for openers. More tomorrow. Selah! Contrast this with the emptiness of an unGodly life.   Ron

"Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits,….."  From Psalm 68:19

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