A Bit Of Caution

I received an E-Mail from a young man that lamented the attitude of some who are strong advocates (as I am) of the KJV. I agree with him. Some seem to not like anyone to challenge them. If we refuse healthy and respectful debate, we may suggest that our defense is weak, that we can't defend our position. Wrong attitudes do not enhance our chances of getting truth out. Tearing down a brother or even questioning a brother's salvation, if he or she doesn't dot their "I's" or cross their "T's" precisely as we do, is unacceptable! I was given wise advice years ago: "attack issues, not character".  For my part, I am commited to the KJV (or those versions from the same sources) as the only completely reliable versions today. Incidentally, why doesn't someone come up with a current English version from the Textus Receptus and do it without corrupt footnotes? Let me mention, in passing, it seems to me a gross inconsistency to use commentaries, which contain error, and refuse what can be gained, if done discerningly, from some of the translations. Selah! Determine in your heart and mind that you will know your KJV so well that you will spot error instantly!"  Ron

Please read carefully: Romans 14:19

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