Tools And Thoughts

Tools: There are some very useful books in understanding the "KJV versus other versions" issue. I recommend (not without some areas about which I would have some reservations) as very helpful in showing the real dangers in the various modern versions. 1.) "Which Bible?" by David Otis Fuller, D.D.  2.)  "God Wrote Only One Bible" by Jasper James Ray. (Very useful but with some possibly better ways of making his points.)  3.) "Evaluating Versions of the New Testament" by Everett W. Fowler (Especially helpful charts, with a few listings that may stretch his points somewhat). Read these "with a grain of salt" and glean much help in establishing the reliability of the KJV and exposing deficiencies in modern versions.

Thoughts: Foreign language versions are not KJV. However, to be dependable, they would need to be carefully drawn from the same sources, as much as possible, and validated by thorough comparison and harmonization with the KJV.

With today's educational liabilities, children's all too often serious lack of reading skills poses a problem. Any child who can't handle our current English language is going to be turned off on KJV English. Some might not agree but it is a reality. ( I went through this myself when the situation wasn't as bad as it is today.) What to do?  I think a poor excuse is better than none. Start them with something simple, wean them from it, as soon as possible, guiding them to the KJV.  In the process, teach them how to discern error and understand truth.  Selah! Serious thinking will show the need to help educationally challenged children come to grips with being able to use the KJV. They can come to this!  Ron

I Thessalonians 5:21 has an application to this subject. "Prove all things; hold fast that which is good."

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