Wasting Time With God

If you were invited to the Oval Office for a meeting with the President, would you just “come by” and “shoot the breeze” or carefully prepare and give earnest thought to what you wanted to discuss with him? Would you think of this meeting as dull, something to be endured, anxiously waiting for it to end? Or would you be excited to have such a privilege and opportunity? How do we enter into God’s Presence?  Are our Spiritual eyes open to recognize the marvel of God and be awed by His Glorious Presence? Does the typical “Sunday Morning Service” happen something like this: The “Service” begins, the routine unfolds, we go through the motions, time for the message, we half listen (maybe), sometimes critically, we may or may not think it is interesting, it’s over, good, now I can get going on what I want to do? It takes discipline (that is what being a disciple is all about) to break this mold. It would be wrong to waste the President’s time. Is it not a far more serious offense to waste God’s time? What can you and I do to change all this? It will take real effort!  Arrive rested. Focus your mind (and heart) on the fact that you are now closeted with God. Admire Him, adore Him, thank Him, love Him, worship Him. Firmly resist distractions. Listen to Him carefully, as His Word is read and taught. Don’t allow yourself to be controlled by the clock. God doesn’t necessarily stop, in the middle of your time with Him, at 12:00 noon. Enter into the singing with thoughtfulness. Make the message of the music personal to you. Give, out of love and gratitude. Start this coming Sunday. Engage in meaningful time with Him between now and Sunday. Print this article out and review it regularly. Selah! If you think about it and then do it faithfully, it will be transformational.      Ron

Please read carefully and thoughtfully, Psalm 100  Please do this!

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