Adopt An Ambassador

An ambassador represents a country. We, too, represent a Heavenly Country. We are all ambassadors. There are ambassadors in a special sense. These travel great distances and usually make difficult sacrifices and adjustments. They are called missionaries. Now all true believers (unless they are blissfully unaware of what is going on) believe in missions. This is a “given”.  Now we must and should support and be informed about world missions. I would like to go a little further on this subject. Have you become personally involved in a friendship with a missionary (or with several)? If not you have missed a life changing experience. Invite them to visit with you. Get to know them. Let them share their vision, experiences, needs, and prayer concerns. Go out to a meal together. Phone them occasionally, if possible. Write to (or at least E-Mail) them. Don’t be troubled if they don’t respond soon or at all. They have many responsibilities. Visit their field, if you can. Cards and letters as well as gifts are always welcome. Pray for them. Expose your children to them, when they visit with you. Encourage Christian friends to adopt one or more such friends. When Jesus commanded His people to go into all the world and preach the Gospel, we couldn’t do that all by ourselves. Ambassadors (missionaries) are the part of the Body that can be in different parts of the world than we can be in, at any given moment. We are co-laborers! Don’t miss out on a great responsibility and rewarding relationship. Adopt an Ambassador!  Selah! Think about ways to bless a missionary then do as many as you can.   Ron

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