Roaming Through Romans-Part 37

The two-fold aspect of Romans 12:2 is a necessary context in which to consider the Will of God. We are not too likely to have God’s Will revealed to us if we are not living Godly lives, and not having our minds renewed by being saturated with the Word of God. Of course, we also need to apply and obey the Word, with God’s enabling. When these things are in place, we can “prove” (i.e; discern, realize, discover) “what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect Will of God.” There are some other factors to consider. Scripture, in other places. states that certain things are God’s Will. (Examples: 1Thessalonians 4:3; Ephesians 5  [emphasizing Verse 17]; and others). Wherever God commands and calls for loving obedience is the Will of God. After checking all of this to be sure we are in compliance, then we can be alert to “open or closed doors”. We can seek guidance from Godly counselors. Another indicator might be peace of heart and mind or lack of this. We would be wise to take into account, at least somewhat, how God has gifted us. Be sure to seek Godly, honest and objective confirmation. We can be very mistaken to go only by our own feelings. Also be sure that what you assume is God’s Will is not in violation of any Biblical principle. (We are told to provide for our family but it would not justify driving a beer truck to do it.) No place on earth is better than being in the “dead-center” of God’s Will.  Selah! Think this over: If we are what God wants us to be in Christ-like Character, He will have no problem leading us into His specific Will for our daily lives.    Ron

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