Roaming Through Romans-Part 36

We are still closely examining Romans Chapter 12, Verses 1-2. Based on our response to the mercies of God (Verse 1), we yield ourselves to Him as a living sacrifice, placed on the altar to stay, for our whole lives. In Verse 2, we are commanded to resist the pull of the world’s basic mind-set and manner of life. Obedience is rendered, in love for and gratitude to God, and in dependence on Him to enable us to live lives that are a credit to Him. But how are we to see this kind of life developed? The answer is in Verse 2. We are to be “transformed” by the renewing of our minds. “Transformed” in the original language conveys essentially the same idea as “transfigured” as in Jesus being changed on the Mount of Transfiguration. We are born with the mind blinded to God’s way of thinking. When we come to know Jesus in a personal way, as Lord and Savior, our minds begin the renewal process. The Holy Spirit, using the Word of God (and prayer), gradually fills us with the mind of Christ Jesus. We are to cooperate with Him and let this work be done. This demands a lifelong study of, and application of Scripture to ourselves. Christians often ask, “How can I know the Will Of God?” This renewal of the redeemed mind is one thing that we are told explicitly, is the will of God. More on the Will of God tomorrow, Lord willing.  Selah! As you, (if you are a born again Christian), think about it , are you able to discern in your thoughts more and more of God’s way of looking at life? One, very aptly, said, ” that the greatest exercise of the mind of man is to think the thoughts of God after Him!”    Ron

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