Roaming Through Romans-Part 35

In our day, preaching and teaching about “separation” is conspicuous by its absence. If any Christian dares suggest that our lifestyle should be different from the world’s way, to any significant degree, he is apt to be accused of being “legalistic”. This kind of attitude hinders Godly living and betrays a sad lack of knowledge as to what it really means to be “legalistic”. Paul, under inspiration, in Romans 12:2 issues a clarion call for holy behavior! He tells us not to be conformed to this world-system and its mind-bent. J.B. Phillips puts it something like this: “Don’t let the world around you squeeze you into its mold.” Now if our conduct is imposed from without by some authoritative source then we have missed Paul’s key point in Verse 1 of this chapter. Our determination and desire to live separated lives is motivated by love for our Lord, and gratitude for His super abundant mercies to us, and because we want Him to be honored by  the way we live. When an animal was placed on the Old Testament altar, it was a one time sacrifice and was all over quickly. When we are placed on the altar, we are a living sacrifice and our dying to the old way of living and thinking becomes a life-long process of being more and more “set apart” from the world’s way and to God (i.e; sanctified [or “saint”ified] ). Tomorrow in Verse 2,  we want to consider the other side of the coin. Selah! If you and I were accused of being a Christian, do you think there would be enough evidence to convict us? Let’s hope so!   Ron

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