Roaming Through Romans-Part 12

Since we are doing this study, for the most part, in broad strokes, I’ll take the liberty of condensing Romans Chapter 5, Verses 12-21 into a few thoughts. Sin, and consequently death, entered the human race because of one man’s sin. Law came later. For this reason, sin was not charged against those who didn’t have a knowledge of the Law. Nevertheless, death reigned over mankind. What follows in this portion is, the wonderful contrasts between the first Adam and the Last Adam (Jesus). Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection made possible a rescue from sin’s damage. He provided salvation for whosoever will. Every member of Adam’s race is atoned for but that atonement will only be applied to those who receive the gift of eternal life. Law was introduced to make mankind aware of God’s Standards. It also revealed our failure to measure up. When we break God’s Laws, we know it because God has told us what is wrong and then we still go ahead and break His Law. When we see how sinful we are and that we are accountable to God for our crimes against Him, we can turn to God and let Him meet our need for salvation. God’s abounding grace can overcome all the various aspects of sin’s destruction. Man lost his connection to God’s Life and that resulted in degeneration. Jesus’ Sacrifice made it possible to be re-connected to God’s Life. That is regeneration!  Selah!  Mull this over: Failure to avail ourselves of God’s offer of restoration, before it is too late, will leave us disconnected forever. Do you want that?   Ron

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