Roaming Through Romans-Part 11

( May I remind you that you will find these studies to be most profitable by reading the portion, under discussion, in your Bible.) Returning to Romans Chapter Five, let’s examine verses 6-11. Here is a glimpse into the Heart of God. Gazing on Him and meditating on the scope of His Love is truly overwhelming. In verse 6, we are reminded that before we were born again, we had no strength to reach up and take hold of God. ( Spiritual corpses do not have strength anymore than physical ones.)  At just the right time, Christ died for the ungodly! Not for the righteous, for the ungodly! Verse 7 says that it would be rare for someone to die for a good person, (by implication, even more rare for a bad person). Verse 8 amazes us by telling us that God’s love is so strong that Christ died for us while we were sinners (enemies and without strength). He reached down when we couldn’t reach up! He couldn’t care more when we couldn’t care less! Verse 9-10 apply to those who have received His gift of salvation. If God rescued them in their sin and us in ours, how much more will He keep those for whom He paid such a price! Having been saved from the penalty due our sin, He will now save us, day by day, from the practising of sin. Verse 11 reminds us that we joy in God because of His great love that is lavished upon us. This pouring out of love was made possible because Jesus paid the price needed to reconcile us to God.  Selah! Think how much God is worthy of our love and gratitude and express it to Him daily.  Ron


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