Roaming Through Romans-Part 10

Picking up in Romans Chapter Five at verse 3 and going through verse 5, we find that God’s pattern for developing maturity in His disciples is outlined for us. As we exercise patience during tribulation, we gain experience. We come to see that God knew what he was doing, even when we couldn’t understand it. We learn that He can be trusted. We also learn that He can sustain us in the midst of trials. As we experience God’s working, it gives us hope (confidence). Instead of discouragement, we have joy knowing that God is doing things in us and through us. Having hope (anticipated certainty) like this, we will never be disappointed. We won’t be ashamed (or even embarrassed) because we trusted Him. As we go through this lifetime of learning more and more about His love, grace, and wisdom, we come to love Him even more intensely. The Holy Spirit who has been given to us spreads that kind of love for God and our Lord Jesus Christ all through our hearts. Trusting God will always pay off, both soon and also later.  Selah!  Reflect and rejoice! "Jesus Never Fails"!    Ron

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