Roaming Through Romans-Part 9

The first eleven verses of Romans Chapter Five contain wonderful truths beginning with verse 1 where Paul announces that the war is over. We were fighting God’s activity in our lives. We didn’t want to surrender the control of our lives to Him. We didn’t want to admit our need of salvation. Finally, His love captured our hearts. (Reader, has His love captured your heart?)  We trusted in His offer of forgiveness. We believed that His Perfect Righteousness credited to us made us acceptable to Him. In short, we were, "justified by faith (trust)". We had been condemned and awaited sentencing. In that moment of surrender, the Words of the Judge of all, fell on our spiritually renewed hearing. "You are not guilty! You are justified! you are acquitted!" All this forgiveness, cleansing, relief, and release, is all through our Lord Jesus Christ and His death on the cross. Yes, "Calvary covers it all"!  There’s more! In verse 2 an amazing truth is unfolded! By faith, (trust) we have been granted access into His Grace. We stand in that Grace (i.e; we live in it, we are enveloped in it). We spiritually exist in His Presence. We are in "the Holy of Holies"! There is still more! We rejoice in hope( anticipated certainty) of the Glory of God. We will see God’s Splendor, His Majesty, His Magnificance! All this, in the Person of Jesus! There is even more. Come and visit tomorrow when we continue to stand in awe over these astonishing blessings.  Selah! Could you have thought up all this? Of course not! However, God did plan all these things. Amazing Grace!   Ron

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