Roaming Through Romans-Part 8

In the last verse of Romans, Chapter Three, Paul reminds us that we don’t make void the Law through faith. Contrariwise, we establish it. The Law is the expression of God’s Character. It’s demands have to be met. We can’t measure up to those demands and He, Jesus, did on our behalf and to satisfy God’s Justice. As we try to appraise our lives in the light of His Law, we discover that we are very sinful and must depend on Him for our deliverance from sin’s stranglehold and for a sufficient Righteousness to warrant being accepted. All of Chapter Four is devoted to making it very clear that man’s best efforts to be and do right is worthless as a means of earning God’s favor. We do not earn a gift! To even try to earn it is offensive to the one whose love generated the desire to give it to us. We dishonor God when we don’t trust Him. Even Abraham was justified because He trusted God’s provision, not by his works. Before the Law was given, while the Law reigned, and after Jesus fulfilled all the Law, faith is the only way to appropriate God’s gift. We are credited with all we need when we trust in His death and resurrection and embrace His Lordship for ourselves. (We trust our lives to His gracious control.) Trust, it must be mentioned, is a choice, a decision, not a certain type of feeling. You and I decide to trust Him, no matter what.   Selah! Consider this: God gives us only truth in the Bible, no error! God’s Word is absolutely reliable!   Ron

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