From Head To Heart

It is only about 12-18 inches from head to heart but what a difference those inches make! We are "information" oriented. This starts from the time we were born. We are always learning. This is essential but don’t put the period after information assimilation. We can read a description of a breath-taking sunset but until we have gazed upon a breath-taking sunset we will never know the wonder of it.  We can store up all kinds of information about God, about Jesus, about The Holy Spirit, and all the truths of the Bible but it is only information until it becomes personal to us. We must start with information but then see the reality of it all with "the eyes of faith". The early disciples saw Jesus physically. One said, "We beheld His Glory". The Hymnwriters have employed "the eyes of faith":  "Face to face with Christ my Savior",  "Just one glimpse of His dear face",  "Just one glimpse of Him in Glory", etc. But how does Jesus and how do Bible Truths become more than knowledge to us who have been redeemed? The answer is simple! Spend lots of time listening to Him and talking with Him. We must, if we want to know Him in any kind of meaningful way. If we don’t long for Him and His Truth this way, it strongly suggests that we may not have been born again. Selah!  Think!  If we really love Him, if we are truly grateful to Him, we will make time to be with Him and take the time!   Ron

Paul considered all personal gain as waste, compared to knowing Jesus intimately. His heart-cry was "That I may know Him and the power of His resurrection,…" Philippians 3:10

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