Walking Corpses?

Some folk who profess to be saved offer about the same amount of excitement as weak coffee in almost warm water. Instead of the thrill generated by a dynamic encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ, they exhibit a level of boredom characteristic of someone who has lost all interest in life. What a tragedy! How can this be? One very obvious reason is that they really have never had that kind of encounter. However, I am persuaded that there are some other possible reasons why they are like corpses. If we have never gone beyond the "duty" stage of our experience of God then we are missing out on the abundant life Jesus offers. We need to recognize and make personal the fact that when we read our Bibles that Almighty God is talking to us! Also, when we pray, we are talking to God! We, if we are not harboring sin in our hearts and lives, have the ear of God! Has it dawned on us that God is living in us who are born again? Has the reality of our appointment as His ambassadors gripped us? Have we grasped the awesome reality that God is seeking to make our lives rich and rewarding and is directing our walk through life, as we yield to Him?  Selah! Let your mind, if you know Him, wrestle with these astonishing truths until they capture your heart and make your relationship with Him the thrilling spiritual romance that God intends for you to enjoy!        Ron

"Whom, having not seen, ye love; in Whom, though now you see Him not, yet believing, ye rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory,…" I Peter 1:8

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