Hymnbook Investigation

When was the last time we sat down with a hymnbook and thought about the meaning of  what was written? Have we thought about the writers and what prompted them to write? What were they experiencing? What were they themselves like? Super saints?  A special class of people raised up to give us hymns? I submit that they were ordinary human beings just like us except…….except that they had a hunger and thirst for God which generally is conspicuous by its absence today. True, some of them lived in the shadow of a great revival. On the other hand, many did not. Why did they enjoy a special intimacy with God?  I suppose that a number of reasons (excuses?) could be mentioned. However, there is one very valid reason. We have far too many distractions today. The source of these distractions is an interesting consideration. Although there are legitimate distractions, how clever a strategy it would be for Satan to distract us with a lot of entertainment and fun, including many nice things for us to enjoy. The issue, however, is this: What will you and I do about it? Go on being distracted or look to God for the strength to develop a disciplined determination to eliminate most of these distractions? If we will really do this and intensely focus on our fellowship and intimacy with God, through our Lord Jesus Christ, then we will come to know Him in a deeper and richer way and have some wonderful things to share (and maybe even write about).   Selah!  Has it gripped your mind that Jesus is the One Who matters, above all possible distractions?    Ron

"Draw near to God and He will draw near to you." James 2:8a.

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