Celestial Genie or Sovereign God?

What a ridiculous question! Of course He is the Sovereign God!  "Celestial Genie!"  That is unthinkable! Nevertheless, this may well be how many people (including too many of His children) relate to Him. If in trouble or overwhelmed by life, call for God to help. Otherwise, God, please stay close by as I may need You. Spend time with You right now? Well, I would but my schedule, you know, is just too demanding. Maybe tonite or tomorrow unless…… Whom are we kidding? Not God! Lost time, time not spent with God, can never be restored. If we, in our daily lives, do not make Him our number one priority, we will never know the joy and pleasure of an intimate experience of our God and Savior. "But how can I?" you might say. I am so busy! This is a decision of our will. It is also an indicator of what or Whom is dearest to our heart. God, or something else? For the child of God, God is dearest. We believe this as a fact but fail to make it our precious experience. Until we determine that we will place Him first, above everything, we simply treat Him as a "Celestial Genie". How terrible to treat Him in this insulting and offensive way! Selah! Take time to think about how greatly He loves us and then think about how hurt He is when we don’t love Him enough to want a lot of quality time with Him. Ask Him to forgive and then spend that kind of time with Him, no matter what you have to leave undone.   Ron

"But seek ye  first  the Kingdom of God and His righteousness." Matthew 6:33a. (Will we?!!)

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