A Fresh Look at Basics- The Deity of The Lord Jesus Christ

Note: It is not my purpose in these articles to give a detailed defense of all these Biblical teachings but rather to assume them and to consider their significance. Jesus is God! Cultists and sceptics resist this reality. Every cult is off on the Person of Christ. If Jesus were not God, His Sacrifice would be little more than symbolic and inspirational. Only God is infinite and perfect. Because He is God, His Sacrifice can save all who exercise saving faith (trust) in Him as Savior and Lord. His Sacrifice is also perfect.  It is sufficient for all who receive Him.  God is "Truth." If Jesus were not God, we could not be sure that what He says is true. Only God cannot lie!  Jesus said," I and my Father are one.". He also said, "He that hath seen Me hath seen the Father;..". John 10:30b. Elsewhere we read, "Thy word is true from the beginning,…". Psalm 119:160a. The Bible makes plain that Jesus is God! Do you know any other philosophy or teaching that you would trust, regarding your eternal destiny, and be sure it was absolutely reliable? (Please see my article of November 23, 2007.)   Selah!    Probe the following in your thoughts: Jesus said "Thou shalt worship the Lord, thy God,..". Matthew 4:10; Thomas replied, ( after seeing the resurrected Jesus) "..My Lord and my God.".  He was not rebuked!     Ron

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