A Fresh Look at Basics-The Virgin Birth

If Jesus had not been virgin born, He would have inherited a sinful nature. If He inherited a sinful nature, He would die for His sin and sins. Unthinkable! The Bible clearly shows that He was virgin born and is sinless. ( A fascinating study on this was done by the late Dr. DeHaan in his book: The Chemistry of the Blood. Dr. DeHaan was a medical doctor.) Original sin (that we inherited from Adam) is passed down through the blood. The blood of the mother doesn’t directly touch the baby. For Joseph’s blood to not be involved with Jesus, required a virgin birth. It is remakable how different vital doctrines coordinate with each other. If no virgin birth then there would be no salvation. If Jesus were not sinless He couldn’t die for others. If He isn’t God, He wouldn’t be infinite. If He is sinless but not infinite, He could die for only one person. If He died but didn’t rise, He could not impart Spiritual Life to us. If He were not omnipresent (i.e. everywhere present) then He couldn’t be there for all His children and there is the possibility that something might escape His attention. As the saying goes, "It all ties together." How wonderfully our God has planned and provided!  Selah! Let your thoughts center on this, "Oh, the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His judgments, and His ways past finding out!"  Romans 11:33  God’s Word gives us more and more insights on this as time goes by.  Ron

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