A Fresh Look at Basics-Salvation Present

We have mentioned before that, when we receive The Lord Jesus Christ as our Savior, God declares us legally perfect and then proceeds to actually perfect us. This is a lifelong process that the Bible calls sanctifying (or we might say, saint-ifying). Theologians describe the lifelong process as progressive sanctification. However, to bring it down to where we live, God is working in us, in the person of The Holy Spirit, to bring about more and more victory over sin, and to make us holy in behavior, attitudes, and values. His chief tool to accomplish this is: The Word of God, the Bible. Our part is to cooperate with Him, and in His strength, apply the things we learn from that grand Book! Our old (Adamic) nature in alliance with Satan’s temptations will offer strong resistance but, "..greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world." I John 4:4b.  Is there progress? If we are in daily fellowship with our Lord in prayer, and studying the Word with an eye to obedience, and motivated by our love for Him, we will experience growth in Holiness and become more and more like our Lord. What a destiny! (See Romans 8:29.)   Selah!  Just think what God intends us to be: "Be ye Holy  (sanctified) ; for I am Holy,…"  I Peter1:16b. We are being prepared for Heaven!           Ron

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