Balance-Liberty And License

I don’t admire the enemy but I am fascinated with his cleverness (and stupidity, but that’s another subject). He suggests that since we are under grace and not law that now most anything is O.K. unless (maybe) it is just too gross. The thought is, "You have Christian liberty!" "You are not bound by rigid rules." This is very dangerous because it is partly true and, at the same time, it is completely twisted to mislead us. What is liberty and what is license? I heard, somewhere, that liberty is "the freedom to be what we ought to be". That’s a good definition. License is behaving in an unGodly way. However, we are not bound by rigid rules. Holy living is not something we strive for out of fear of punishment or because of some group pressuring us to conform to its’ rules. Our behavior must be motivated by our love of our wonderful Lord and our desire and determination not to injure His reputation in any way. Amazingly, this produces internal freedom! We are free of guilt. We are freed from harmful lifestyles. We probably will experience freedom from certain illnesses, injuries, stress, and who knows what else. Pretty good liberty, isn’t it?!   Selah! When temptation visits you, think: What motivates me, my love for and gratitude to God or my counterfeit freedom to gratify my own Adamic desires? Guess which one Satan votes for! Please read carefully: Romans 6:11-13.     Ron

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