What a book, the Book!

These are some reasons to know the Bible is God’s Word ( God speaks to His people in its pages. He also speaks to those who don’t know Him in terms of their need of His salvation):

The Bible was written by about 40 men, living on 3 different continents, from different walks of life, over about 1600 years, and yet is one unfolding story from Genesis to Revelation. It reaches from eternity past to eternity future. God was behind the scenes controlling every word.

Contrary to some claims, it has never been proven wrong.

The Bible’s prophecy has or will come to pass.

The Bible’s power to transform lives. No book has ever changed lives like the Bible does.

The Bible has been attacked like no other book. The critics come and go, the Bible  remains.

It is inexhaustible! There is always something new to discover.

If we read any other book as many times as Christians read the Bible, it would become boring, to say the least. To God’s children the Bible always retains excitement.

These are a few reasons. There are more.  Ron

Absolute Essentials- Number 1

To grow ( be sanctified) in your relationship with our Lord Jesus, there are absolute essentials. I want to deal with the first one today. In the Bible, God speaks to us. If we desire to know Jesus in a wonderful and personal way, we will want to listen. One of the evidences of a true relationship is that we love to hear what He has to say to us. It is also our milk and our meat, spiritually. It is the means of our growth. Jesus prayed, "Sanctify them (give your child growth.) through Thy Truth; Thy Word isTruth" John 17:17. Satan (the devil) has a warehouse of excuses as to why you can’t read your Bible, especially, right now. The more time you make yourself spend in the Bible, the more you will come to love it and crave it. It is work! IITimothy 2:15. It will change your life. Romans 12:2. There is no book like it (more on that tomorrow). If Jesus walked into your house today and you knew it really was Him, you certainly would listen. Give Him the same undivided attention when He visits (communes) with you in the pages of the Bible ( God’s Word to us). Selah! (Give this your utmost thinking).  Ron

Have a blessed "Thanks"giving!

Introduction-Starting the Path to Discipleship

   Someone said a journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. The first step in true discipleship is to establish a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ. I am not talking about religion. I am talking about a personal relationship with Him. How do we come into relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ? We admit that we have sinned and that we are sinners. We believe that He died to pay the penalty for our sins. We invite Him to enter in to our lives as our Lord. (We don’t make Him Lord, He is Lord!) It is as if you say to Him, here is the key to my life, take over. Then begins a lifelong process (called sanctification) of being made more and more like Him. Our behavior and our thoughts begin to be Godly and more so as we grow and mature in our faith. The days ahead, God willing, I will post more and more about the matter of discipleship and spiritual growth.

You were born to find God’s Love.

Life has no other quest

Until your soul has reached its goal

your heart will find no rest.

Source unknown

Looking forward to sharing with you in the days ahead. Ron