The Role of Discipline

Sorry to be so late today, therefore I will try to be brief. Discipline is the underlying concept of discipleship. A disciple is one under discipline. But is this a self developed discipline? Spiritual discipline is produced by The Holy Spirit using the Word of God, the Bible. However, our part is to expose ourselves to His Word and, motivated by love for Jesus, begin to implement His instructions, all the time asking of Him ( prayer) the enabling. We don’t experience instant discipline. We grow in this, becoming, sometimes too gradually, more and more disciplined. Practical application of this will be illustrated in the days ahead as God enables. Meanwhile, look up Matthew 28:19 -20 and Titus 2:11-12 and in both passages substitute "discipline" for "teach" and "teaching" respectively. Tomorrow we plan to give you practical tips on the development of discipline. Selah! ( Think about it and remember, he who aims at nothing will hit it with deadly accuracy )!  Ron

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