Absolute Essentials-Number 4 Salt and Light

Note: Today is Number 4 of Absolute Essentials". We have described them this way because they are absolutely essential as foundational to true discipleship. Beginning tomorrow, God willing, we hope to start digging into the deeper aspects of discipleship. We plan to start slowly and then go deeper as time goes by, God enabling.

In Matthew 28:19 (please look it up and study carefully.) we are commanded to teach (disciple) all nations. These last words of Jesus to His disciples is a command to be obeyed, out of love for and gratitude to Him. Will we obey? Will we share the Truth of salvation with others? We can be the instruments, God uses, to bring a person to Himself. We can be a part of the miracle of someone’s eternal destiny being changed from Hell to Heaven! We can and must be a reflection of Jesus’ Light.  We must be salt that creates a thirst for the Living Water! How we go about this is a subject for later discussion, as God leads. However, why not start sharing today (even if only giving someone a "prayer-backed" tract)? You never know what God might do with something as simple as that. Bernie Carbo ( a former Red Sox baseball player ) was asked by someone, "Do you know God?" This was the means God used to bring him to Jesus. Obedience is evidence of our possession of a genuine relationship with our Lord. Selah! ( Consider your responsibility and privilege and act, then trust, and then rejoice )!  Ron

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